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Narrating the experience when Bhagawan formed the Prasanthi Council, He called the members to His residence. Let whether you sit there or not, be un-important in your experience of this beautiful ancient ritual. A Guru is someone who teach life lessons and lead us to a path of Glory. We put our bags there after asking around if anyone had taken these beds.

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The lighting of the holy bonfire was done by our school Principal Ms. This difficult task can be accomplished by surrender, surrender, surrender. Earlier the meetings used to take just five minutes and rest of the time used to be spent having spiritual discussions.

The warm winter seen on a Sunday afternoon had brought with itself a lot of sweet old memories, amidst the conviction to strive to be better than best and embolden the youth to chase their dreams.

Practically wherever you travel, you can always organize a gathering of devotees for a fire ceremony, chanting, or satsang. He is our father, mother and closest friend and everything.

Guru Purnima Speech

The next anushthan will see the mangal murti for Melbourne getting energised. That is where selfless service, where real freedom is hidden. Pujya Swamiji looked really divine as He sat there in patience — a real epitome of peace. Radio Sai Telugu has become a 24 hour channel from this day.

In the meantime Ambareeshji and Yogesh Lalwaniji had come to survey the preparations. This was said to thunderous applause from the sadhaks. The ground was slippery and for a while I thought I had got stuck. The cost of learning in life is the fees you pay by means of the experience you get — always take it positively.

Those unsatisfied souls were stationed at Shirdi — Sai Baba created the plan for the Shirdi Mahashibir — this was in fact decided 15 years ago, but a very large collectivity of pure souls was required to do this work. Gurudev gave a small glimpse of the difficulties He faced when wandering in the jungles for 18 years, so you have to manage for only two nights for this GP.

Many years ago when the Sai Organisation was at its infant stage in Brazil, he met a person there. Those sadhaks who have made this possible are deserving of special blessings.

The first used to be a time when all the Guru respected the Gurus on the full moon, used to pray, and, in short, the Kuka celebrated also. If so far the audience witnessed performances in music and speech, it was time now for them to witness something in sound, sight and action.

On the occasion,the school principal, Mrs. Sanjay Boseji also sang and he really took off and was in great form as all the singers served us an appetising dish of bhajans sung with great feeling and energy. Medium can have different colours, but the medium has no colour of His own, but that colour is created by the situation, water has no colour, and quenches only thirst.

When Pujya Swamiji had made us pray for rains in Shirdi and all over India, we had no doubts that there would be plentiful rains — but rain to such an extent and spread all over the country has not been witnessed in a very long time.

An announcement was made that Radio Sai has started a new service in Telugu on this day of Guru Purnima. Whoever stays will reach a state of void.

I had got a faint whiff of tobacco the previous day, but I had thought it was my imagination. Which celebrate with honor. It was just 1. Two sadhaks pushed their way past and went, a couple of others turned back and went back quietly. I managed to get the car out and I thought the car would pass through the bamboos and a tractor parked there.

Guru Purnima Speech, Guru Purnima Speech English, 2018

The Guru is the only person who will be able to remove the darkness in a person. Nostalgia prevailed throughout the day, with students recalling their memories. Because you are post holders do not consider yourself to be different. Participate in Guru puja as a soul — that you are praying to the Guru within you and expressing gratitude to that Guru for guiding you from time to time.

When you like to see real god in front of you then look your guider gurus. Anurag was introduced, then we experimented with lifetime sevadharis volunteersthis also did not succeed.

This knowledge cannot be given, it will automatically get transferred to a capable disciple. Guru Purnima Speech The festival of Guru Purnima is celebrated with much gust and galore throughout India. It is a day when the students or the disciples celebrate the role of their Guru in their lives.

Mother's Day Celebrations - (12 May ) The students of Class I were thrilled to celebrate this special day by presenting a beautiful programme. They sang songs, made cards for their moms and the mothers also participated in numerous games and activities with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Jun 29,  · Before starting to give you the speech or essay on the Guru Purnima, let me ask you, is there any difference between a Guru and a Teacher?

Some may say both are one and same, some may disagree. Confused? We will explain that shortly. One more question, do you think a Guru or a Teacher [ ]/5(50).

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Guru Purnima (Poornima) is an eastern spiritual tradition dedicated to spiritual and academic teachers, who are evolved or enlightened humans, ready to share their wisdom, with very little or no monetary expectation, based on Karma Yoga.

Welcome speech for gurupurnima by host
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